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The Crau in Provence,

steppe mediterranean

The flora of the Crau has had to adapt to ecological conditions very varied and often extreme, hence its very great diversity. We can distinguish several fairly homogeneous zones; The garrigue, the wetlands, and the coussoul steppes stony.

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The coussoul is a unique vegetation, resulting from the particular pedagogical and climatic conditions of the environment, in balance with a pasture of centuries. The presence in the subsoil of a pudding that isolates the superficial soil from the water table, thus preventing the roots of the plants from finding the necessary moisture, and the importance of the mistral contribute to a constraining drought to which Vegetation had to adapt.

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Better to be well shod when you want to tread the paths of Crau, wide desert, stones and alluvial pebbles cover this steppe Mediterranean. But it is there, on these soils that hurt the legs of the sheep that for years or even centuries transhumance makes a halt. Herds and shepherds descend from the mountains to rejuvenate themselves on these pastoral lands.

The plain of Crau, 7400 hectares, is classified nature reserve. It is also the preferred destination for wildlife enthusiasts, for ornithological tourism. Biotope unique, the plain shelters rare species, birdlife is the most important, exceptional and threatened. The village of Saint-Martin-de-Crau proposes an ecomuseum whose objective is to present this steppe territory, land of transhumance, with surprising decor. The House of Hunting and Nature in the same place aims to preserve and safeguard this wild immensity. Natural but also human heritage. An economy of hay has appeared in the plain thanks to the peculiarity of its soils which result in haystacks of exceptions. The only production labeled not intended for humans, this seed is irrigated by the Durance and requested throughout the world.

Sonia appart Unique vegetation, land of shepherds but also lands of cultures, the Crau offers you a journey between desert, stony and living landscapes.