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The beaches of the delta

The coastline of the Camargue delta offers a fine sandstone of about sixty kilometers bordering the Gulf of Beauduc.

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Beaches of fine sand, lack of urbanization, virgin dunes, the cry of the terns echoed this preserved nature, the level of the sea rises, the coast of the Camargue has not been tamed by Man, which makes it Wealth and strength.

Location Appart Arles Sonia

Within a few kilometers of Sonia apart , you will find many beaches, all different from each other, where you can enjoy the calm, silence and wild nature of this coastline . In family, among friends, you can recharge your feet, feet in a fine sand and warm before diving in the Mediterranean.

For the more sporty and the novices you will practice on the site of Beauduc the kitesurf, ideal during the days of mistral !

Naturists will have the freedom to leave clothing and swimsuits on the beach of Piedmont, known for its wild camping. The 2016 prefectoral decree prohibiting the bivouac gives a completely different face to this beach 100% nature! Piedmont, luxury of the Mediterranean coastline between space and serenity, its seven kilometers of fine sand and a few minutes from the village of Salin-de-Giraud. The little more of this wild corner, easy access by car, a supervised swimming, a water of excellent quality and for those who are not followers of naturism, a space is reserved for those who wish to leave the jersey. To discover also on this site, the mountains of salt, near the road of the beach. For all conveniences, Salin-de-Giraud offers shops, restaurants but also festivities and entertainment.

The domain of the Palissade, park of Salin, belongs to the conservatory of the littoral, its role is to preserve, to sensitize and to understand. A territory of 702 hectares, you will be confronted with a diversity of amazing environments: sansouires, reedbeds, marshes, lagoons, ripesylve (shore wood). Managed by the regional natural park of Camargue, the main objective of this natural area is to educate the environment and therefore inevitably to the protection of nature as beautiful as may be the coast of the Camargue it is not Less very fragile and therefore its conservation and protection is the role of all ...

To be discovered at about ten kilometers from Salin-de-Giraud, at the mouth of the Old Rhone, Faraman Lighthouse. All around the marsh lighthouse, the salt marshes, located in the Regional Natural Park, it is an ideal place to admire wild birds such as the flamingos that populate the whole Camargue. It is listed under historical monuments.

The Mediterranean coast also offers a vast dune massif visible at the tip of the Espiguette, located in the small Camargue, east of Grau-du-roi. Natural, wild, preserved and especially fragile domain! An advanced beach on the sea, the swell and a sea wind make it a favorite spot for surfers and kite-surfers.

The coastline has many beaches on which the horizon as far as the eye can see recalls the incredible and wild range of the Camargue, for a stay in the wilderness, a few miles from Sonia appart . But this territory so that it lasts and still makes dream by its space, its fauna and its flora must be protected and respected, the ecosystem is fragile ...