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Arles, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981, is an ideal city for lovers of ancient history and those who want to discover its riches.

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City of Art and History, Arles is famous and imbued with the beauty of its ancient and Roman remains; Amphitheater, Ancient theater, Thermes, Museum of the ancient Arles with the discovery of the Chaland, boat found in the Rhone, and many other treasures ...

You are interested in the Pays d'Arles, Sonia Appart is an excellent starting point to discover what the city has to reveal to you. Located in the center of Arles, in the Roquette district, south-west of the medieval town, you will be close to all amenities, restaurants, local shops, presses, Bakeries ... Sonia Appart , in the heart of the city in a very pleasant area often presented as a "small village" in the city. A few steps away from the Boulevard des Lices, on Saturday mornings, you can enjoy the scents of Provence by walking along the paths of the Marché d'Arles. Olive oil, green and black olives, tomatoes, melon, everything will be there to make the most of a Provencal stay under the sun. We could almost hear the cicadas singing.

Bullfighters, "aficionados", or novices, will discover during two major events, the Easter Fair, which opens the festivities, the bullfighting season and the rice season in September. Arles, city imbued with its traditions. Take part in the Abrivados (bulls in the streets), encierros, enter the Amphitheater for the bullfights, enjoy the parlor on the terrace of a restaurant to the sound of the street bands, dance the Sévillane And Flamenco, in the evening, in the Bodegas.

Throughout the year you can discover the folkloric culture, Arlésiennes and Gardians in the Arena and the Ancient Theater on May 1st, the election of the Queen of Arles every three years, the Costume Festival or the Pegoulado , Parade in period clothes are so many opportunities to dive into the heart of Provence and discover its culture.

In August, attend the Amphitheater at the gladiatorial fights and go back in time by visiting the city by participating in the Arelate festival in Roman dress ...

Land of tradition, Arles ancient and Romanesque but also Arles cultural and current. From July 3rd to September 24th, cross the city's historic sites at the renowned Rencontres de la Photographie festival. This event is also the windfall to rehabilitate the former SNCF workshops, 5000 square meters. Four large buildings with stunning architecture are to be discovered at the same time as the photographs. The 56-meter high Luma Tower, built by the American architect Frank Gehry, will soon be built on this same park. This breathtaking project and the rehabilitation of the Grande Halle into a cultural center linked to the new technologies made this place until occasionally used, a center of contemporary art. Many art galleries in the heart of the city are also worth exploring and after a leisurely stroll along the banks of the Rhone you can stroll through the Librairie Actes Sud, and over the bookshelves will appear the Hammam .. A few steps away, you will be immersed in the works of the Van Gogh Foundation.

The pilgrims with the shell can cross the "Via Aegidiana", the road of Saint-Gilles, making stop in Arles and taking advantage of its riches. The town is a stop on the way to Santiago de Compostela.

A city of art, traditions, history, antique, Romanesque, cultural and contemporary, Arles has so much to make you discover. Sonia appart is an ideal place to start your journey in the south, at the gates of the Camargue, in Provence.